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Our various formulas are designed to help athlete pets maintain stamina, reduce oxidative stress from strenuous exercise, improve oxygen availability, and stimulate proper mitochondrial function for better cellular energy production.

Ergogenic Support 

This blend supports performance, recovery, and metabolic adaptation in skeletal muscle. Helps the body recover from high volume resistance training like weight pulling, hunting and dog sports.


Endurance Support 

Supplement blend essential for muscle repair and to help maintain muscle mass. Can help reduce oxidative stress and help the body recover muscle protein from endurance and athletic activities.


Joint Support 

This blend helps joint health by reducing inflammation, protecting cartilage and increasing the amount of anti-oxidants to improve the body's ability to fight against osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease.


Ashwagandha Complex - Adaptogenic Formula

This blend provides a scientifically based blend of nutrients and anti-oxidants that help the body deal with stress and help decrease cortisol levels and keep the body balanced through heavy exercise.


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